Contact Lenses

Boxes of contact lenses

Types of contact lens fittings:

Spherical – These contacts correct either farsighted (hyperopia) or nearsighted (myopia) corrections.

Astigmatism lenses and Specialty Toric – These lenses are used to treat astigmatism. Instead of a standard spherical surface, toric lenses have a shape to create different focusing powers on the vertical and horizontal planes. We fit several specialty lenses that can fit the majority of people in contacts, even with a high astigmatism correction.

Multifocal Lenses – These lenses are for patients who require a reading prescription (presbyopia). Multifocal contacts comprise multiple prescription strengths in a single contact lens to correct vision at multiple distances.

Toric multifocal – A lens that can correct both astigmatism and presbyopia.

Scleral Lenses – Large contact lens that rests on the sclera (the white outer layer of the eyeball) and creates a tear-filled vault over the cornea. These lenses are used to treat a variety of eye conditions such as Keratoconas, Dry eyes, and irregularly shaped corneas.

If you’ve ever had these questions, we can help.

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  • Am I able to wear contact lenses if I have astigmatism?

  • I have to have a bifocal in my glasses, can I still wear contacts?

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